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julia o test san francisco
julia o test san francisco
julia o test san francisco


About Julia

Julia is a creative based in San Francisco, California. She quit her tech job to pursue her passion full-time, and loves running her own business. Obsessed with boba tea, clean eating, and taking photos of everything, she lives with her husband and their cat in quiet Glen Park.

Julia approaches social media marketing from both sides: she works with brands and bloggers to elevate their content and grow their audience, as well as being an influencer herself in the lifestyle categories of food, beauty, fitness, travel, and fashion. This gives her a unique perspective in the industry: a window into the needs of both brands and bloggers, and an understanding of how everyone can effectively work together for the best results.


About Julia O Test Creative

Beginning over 15 years ago, Julia O Test Creative has developed from a photography business into a boutique creative agency offering a variety of services for individuals and brands. 

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