A romper for summer? Yes you can!

I've been a fan of rompers for a while, but I never thought I could pull of the trend - most rompers I tried on were too tight and too saggy in all the wrong places (diaper butt anyone?). But then, I found it: the right romper. It was definitely a hallelujah moment.

Isn't it beautiful? So what was so different about this one? One word: the FIT. 

Here are some tips when you're looking for a romper:

Loose but still shows off your figure

Finding a romper for everyday wear means that it shouldn't be skintight, but should still cinch at the waist so you have an hourglass shape. You want to show off your overall figure while still leaving something to the imagination.

Side note: I actually got this romper in a size larger than usual because it just fit better, and I'd rather have it look good than try to squeeze into a specific number. Who made up these sizes anyway, and why should we care about them?

Balanced amount of material

Because rompers show off a lot of leg, balance that out with a classic, covered top. Long bell sleeves, off-the-shoulder, a simple boat neck - all of these work well with shorts, so they also work well as the top part of a romper. 

Keep the accessories simple

A romper is already a statement piece, so keeping accessories simple and classic is a great move. I chose to pair my romper with ankle boots, but you can also easily pair it with slides or sandals. Watch out for tall boots - they might take you a bit too far into go-go-dancer territory.

The thing I love most about a romper is how versatile it is. It works in different kinds of weather, and easily goes from day to night. It's also extremely comfortable, and showing off leg (without anything else) made me feel sexy and confident. So find that romper, put on those boots, and stomp it out girl!

Julia O Test is a lifestyle blogger and photographer based in San Francisco.