City guide: Seattle

I just got back from one of my favorite cities - Seattle - and want to share my fave places to go!

The reason that I absolutely love Seattle is that it feels like you're in a park no matter where you go. It's SO green and is surrounded by water (reminiscent of SF). There's less traffic and life is a little calmer all around, but there are still amazing places where you can eat and explore.


Where to eat

The London Plane  


The London Plane is a cute brunch place in the middle of Pioneer Square, a really fun area near the water and Pike Market. The menu is limited, but everything we tried was amazingly delicious. They also sell coffee, pastries, and flowers at the front, in case you need a quick stop. Unfortunately they took avocado toast off their menu, but still a lot of yummy options, and the menu changes often.


Young Tea


You know I had to find a boba place stat! It was literally my first stop in Seattle. I looked through a bunch of options and decided on Young Tea, which I promptly fell in love with (and visited daily). They have a good variety of fresh teas and don't user powders - just real foods. They also have soy milk and their balls are excellent. I tried the Mountain Oolong and then stuck to Jasmine Green.




YOU GUYS. This is the best and most authentic Japanese food that I've ever had!!!  I won't even say anything else. Just go here. It's near the popular Pike/Pine area, so lots to do after dinner!


Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen 


I only took one (crappy) photo because Isarn was just too darn yummy. We ordered a feast between the 4 of us and enjoyed every bite! It's located in Kirkland, which is an amazing coastal town (and the inspiration behind Costco's in-house brand). You can walk in the marina after stuffing your face! 


Fresh Flours


Great pun and great croissants!


What to see 

Pike Place Market 


Pike Place Market place is famous and packed with tourists, but totally worth the trip!  Local vendors of produce, flowers, and all kinds of handmade goodies fill up this huge marketplace. There are also tons of restaurants, and the very first Starbucks is here! (Expect a line for that.)


The Gum Wall


Gross, but right under the Pike Place Market and worth the walk down for the photos. The wall art down here is awesome!


Gas Works Park


My favorite park in Seattle! It's some kind of old energy plant with super cool structures all over, and the views of the city are gorgeous. Lots of people also kayak and paddleboard here on warm days! 


Lynn Street Mini Park


I randomly stumbled across this adorable littler park in the Eastlake district! The perfect quiet place to sit and reflect on life while looking over a gorgeous view of the water. There's also a cute little mosaic bench, with a cat on it!


Pike and Pine Street


These two parallel streets are filled with fun stores, bars, and street art! We had a great time just walking around. 


Where to get tattooed and pierced 

Laughing Buddha 


I had to come here because my septum piercing got ripped out, but I'm so happy I found this place! The staff is amazing and the shop is decorated extremely well. I'll definitely be back for a tattoo! 


Hope you enjoyed this guide! I can't wait to go back!!

Julia O Test is a lifestyle blogger and photographer based in Los Angeles.