Lashes with Iris+West

I'm pretty low-maintenance when it comes to beauty, but lash extensions are my one go-to splurge that's 100% worth it! I love lash extensions because they are the one beauty accessory that makes me look like I'm put together without any other makeup on.

Iris+West Lash•Co

Amanda, the bossbabe behind Iris+West, started the brand in Los Angeles and recently expanded to San Francisco. Getting lash extensions can feel tedious (it takes 90+ minutes and your eyes are shut the whole time), but from the moment we met I really loved her energy, and chatting with her made the process super quick and easy.

I asked for somewhat heavy lashes with cat-eye corners (they curled up at the ends), and Amanda totally delivered! Having these lash extensions at NYFW was a lifesaver because I felt glam no matter what I was wearing. 


The Process

Getting lash extensions is easy and painless (or it should be when done right!). I've heard rumors that they tear out your real lashes, but from my experience that's completely untrue (again, please make sure to get them done by a professional).  

Your technician will ask what kind of lashes you want, then you'll lie down on the table and your eyes will be taped down so you won't be able to open them again until your lashes are on. Your technician will then glue a clump of fake lashes to each of your real lashes - how many fakes are attached to your real will depend on how full you want your extensions to be.

After 90 minutes, the tape comes off and you're all set! Fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks, and only take 60 minutes.


Super easy, I'm obsessed with this trend and recommend it to everyone!


Julia O Test is a lifestyle blogger and photographer based in Los Angeles.