Shannon and the shirt with two roses

Around big holidays, most bloggers want to take holiday-specific photos to help inspire their followers to get into the spirit of things. Valentine's Day is definitely no exception. I did quite a few sessions for the holiday of love, and the best part is that you really start to see bloggers' individuality come out when they're all styling for the same event.

One of my favorite Valentine's Day sessions was with Shannon of Style by Lolly. She went girly, but still edgy. Instead of roses, she picked tulips. No dress, but jeans and a tee. She did keep the red lips and glittery heels, but they were wedges and she paired the whole outfit with a statement necklace.

We shot on a rainy day on her rooftop deck. The clouds perfectly diffused the light over the water so we could see all the details of the Bay Bridge. Seriously guys, this view is to die for!