Summer styles and sustainable fashion with Belvele

I'm sad to say that the concept of sustainable and ethical fashion is pretty new to me, but I jumped onboard as soon as I found out about it. There is so much that we don't know about the things that exist in our lives - how was our food grown? How was our house built? How were our clothes made? We have to learn to be more intelligent consumers in all areas of our lives, and an easy way to start is fashion.

Sustainable fashion used to be synonymous with lack of style, modernity, color, etc. But at this point in time, clothes that are made sustainably are also fashionable and current. So when I began looking for a place to shop sustainable fashion (that was more affordable than my local Reformation), I fell in love with the curated designers and pieces on Belvele works with a variety of sustainable and ethical designers that I've also come to know and love. Each one has a different story, a different reason they started out on this same path to save the world one piece of clothing at a time, a different way that they give back and contribute to makers all over the world, and to Mother Earth.

One last thing I love about Belvele? It's woman-owned and run. Win-win-win.

Check out my 3 favorite Belvele picks for this summer, how I styled them, and follow the links to read a bit more about each designer and the positive impact they're making on the world.


The flowy summer dress

This dress is obviously super easy to wear because it's baggy and flowy, and the cut and length keep it stylish so your shape still shows through. I don't usually wear black, but couldn't resist this classic piece. Also... IT HAS POCKETS. Game changer. And the front has a low cut, which all of my flat-chested ladies know is a Godsend - dresses cut higher tend to make me look frumpy af.

Dress by Groceries Apparel - USA Made 100% Organic Recycled Fabrics.


The LBP - little black pants

Again with the black, I know, I know, but again, these were so classic that I just couldn't help myself. They're highrise, structured with a bit of a cute poufiness at the waist (trust me, it looks great!), they taper toward the bottom and made me feel much more classy than usual. I styled the pants with neutrals and with whites, and both ways look great.

Pants by ESBY - designed in Austin, made in America.

This set of photos by

This set of photos by

The wrap dress

I've been obsessed with dark greens this year (definitely something new for me!), which made it easy to fall in love with this wrap dress. It's a bit structured, a bit flowy, and definitely hits in all the right places. I love the 3/4 sleeves and the right-below-the-knee skirt. Again with the classiness.

Dress by First Rite - designed in San Francisco, made from locally and naturally derived textiles.

This photo by  @handemirel

This photo by @handemirel

I'm by no means an expert on sustainable living, but all of us have a duty to be smarter consumers, and there are small steps we can all start taking in our lives to live a little more sustainably. Shopping small, local, and sustainable brands is an easy way to start! Make sure to check out for these and all of their other gorgeous styles. 

And if you grab any of these picks, shoot me a photo! I want to see how you style them :)

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P.S. I'll be giving away an Emerson Fry Shirtdress from Belvele on my Instagram, so don't miss it! 

Julia O Test is a lifestyle blogger and photographer based in Los Angeles.