Why you shouldn't use LinkTree

I see a lot of people using LinkTree or a similar service, especially to add multiple links to an Instagram profile. I want to tell every last one of you…

Don't do it!!

The main issue is that by directing your viewers to LinkTree, you are in turn NOT directing them to your website. Often, the first click is all you have to create a connection that makes someone stay and browse your site. But, if the first click leads to a plain third-party site, there's a high likelihood that the visitor will just close it and never make it to your site at all.  

The other issue is that in this situation, LinkTree is getting the visitor stats and counts, not your website. Even if someone only clicks once, you want to get the credit for that person "visiting your site," but if you link to LinkTree, you never see that visitor in your stats. 

There is literally zero advantage to using LinkTree or any external linking page over your own website. You can control how your website looks, you get the visitor counts in your stats, and you can hook a visitor so much faster if they’re actually on your website as soon as they click to find out more.

So, "How do I fix this?" you ask.  

It’s. So. Easy.

Just create a link page on your own website! You can easily do this by adding a blank page to your website, and adding linked text leading to all the different pages of your site (or external links like LTK) that you want people to visit. That's it! If you use Squarespace, you can even use a cover page for this purpose to make it easily visually appealing. Check out mine here: www.juliaotest.com/links.

I hope this helps! Now go, get rid of that LinkTree and get those visitors in your stats. Let me know below if you have any questions!

xx julia o test




Julia O Test is a lifestyle blogger and photographer based in San Francisco.