The S stands for Sassy

The S stands for Sassy

Once in a while you meet one of those people that are truly wise for their age. Sarah at is one of those people. Sarah is one of the first bloggers I met in San Francisco, and I'll always appreciate how welcoming and open she has been.

By the time that I met her for our first shoot, we already felt like we knew each other because Tamryn (another amazing SF blogger whom I met magically through Boba Guys) had told us all about each other. I loved it, because it felt like meeting up with an old friend! We met on the hills of Pacific Heights on a windy but sunny Thursday afternoon for a 2 hour fashion shoot for Sarah's blog. 

Something I'll never get tired of watching is fashion bloggers disappear in a car (a small car!) and emerge fully dressed, made up, hair perfectly curled looking like they just came out of a salon. Magic? I think so. Sarah is no exception. I literally gasped every time she re-appeared. Those shoes! That dress! How did you manage to get into those jeans in the backseat of a sedan! So many questions.

Sarah is impeccably dressed and styled, but one thing that really struck me about her is her shoe choices. They're bold, bright, and are made from more different materials that I knew existed. From slippers with huge inlaid pearls, to gold-studded rocker boots that still managed to look feminine, I've literally never seen a better shoe collection.

I'm so excited to be going to NYFW with this style icon in just a few short weeks! I know I'll be in awe with all of her outfits, and not only will I get to photograph them, but I'll be inspired to dress up myself!

Julia O Test is a lifestyle blogger and photographer based in San Francisco.