NYFW: Francesca Liberatore

This runway showcase by Francesca Liberatore was one of the first shows I saw at NYFW and it definitely set a high standard! I left completely inspired. I loved all of the lace and fur, with classic feminine touches that still somehow left the women looking fierce and empowered.

The coifed hair and different models also made for a visually engaging presentation. I noticed that a lot of the shows made the models look exactly the same -- it was an interesting illusion to trick the mind into thinking that every person walking out looked exactly like the person before and after them. It felt artistically stimulating to see different, and more natural, looks on the models on this runway.

I also have to mention that the Skylight at Clarkson venue was amazing. They even created gorgeous, opulent living room setups for bloggers to work, socialize, and take photos.