NYFW: Katty Xiomara

Katty Xiomara was the last runway show I saw during my time at NYFW. It was also my first experience in a runway photography pit, and the most amazing way to end the week.

The designs so gorgeously evoke old world Hollywood romance - lace, fur, velvet and tulle, sheer polka dots and bold patterns. There was one particular fabric that the designer used in several styles - a thin sequin that moved, causing dark shadows amidst shining highlights, and the illusion of mermaid tail scales. So unbelievably delicate and beautiful.

The models all had red lips, dramatic eyebrows, and perfectly coifed bangs. I really couldn't get enough of this presentation - I wished it would never end. Another interesting thing I noticed is that all of the models were wearing the same gold pointy flats. This simple detail created a palpable sense of consistency and allowed the clothes to shine. I'm completely amazed that these metallic flats actually fit perfectly with all of the looks - a great lesson in styling.

Julia O Test is a lifestyle blogger and photographer based in San Francisco.