Blooms + tassels + first time bloggers

One of my favorite things to do is take photos of bloggers who haven't worked with a professional photographer before. The vibe is a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and endless possibility, which is intoxicating. It's so fun to answer questions and guide them through the experience, while also watching progress into getting comfortable, having fun, and finding the rhythm of being in front of a professional camera.

I've found that bloggers are driven ladybosses who know what they want and work hard to get it. I love being around that energy and sharing tips with each other, since I've started blogging too.

I recently got to shoot with Kara from in one of my favorite locations - above Dolores Park! She styled the perfect California Spring outfit - a floral jacket, sunny yellow statement tassel earrings, and gold glitter heels. Seriously though - florals, yellows, and gold are my favorite accents right now. Kara was super sweet and has a great personality that shines through the lens. I instantly spotted this beautiful house with a brick and metal gateway and lots of greenery, and we knew it'd be perfect for this outfit.


Check out all of the photos from our session below, and don't hesitate to email me if you want to book a session! I promise you'll have fun and come out with great photos <3

Julia O Test is a lifestyle blogger and photographer based in San Francisco.