My DIY office transformation (+ shopping links)

Since I started my own company 1.5 years ago, I've worked mostly from home. It never felt quite right to sit on the couch with my laptop, and the room where we put a desk was scattered with other random things, so I decided I really needed to put together an office where I love spending working hours.

Read about the journey to creating my own space, and shop all of the items inside of my office below!


We have two extra bedrooms that we had been using as a makeshift office (basically just putting a desk against a wall), and a smaller room with a closet where we put our shoes and extra clothing. The smaller room has better lighting, so that was my choice for my future office.

The first step of my vision was to have a pink wall - I always knew I'd wanted one, but choosing the right pink so it wasn't overpowering was super important. I also chose a wall that was near a window, so that it felt lit up rather than dark. 


After the pink wall, I wanted to make the room larger, so we took out the sliding doors to the closet and I painted it a dark grey and made it a part of the room. I bought a credenza and some art to make the space pop, keeping all of the details white, light wood, and gold to offset the darkness of the gray walls.


Lastly came the furniture and the details. I I kept the color scheme the same - white, gold, and light wood, with just a few pops of black. I also had some old planner pages and stickers lying around that I added to create a little inspo wall in the corner, just to spruce things up.


It's made a huge difference to have a space that I actually enjoy spending time in. It makes me more productive and less distractible, even though I'm working at home. The whole transformation only took a few days, and didn't cost much at all, so I definitely recommend making a space your own.

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xx julia o test

Julia O Test is a lifestyle blogger and photographer based in Los Angeles.