Best nail salon in SF

I have been THE WORST at blogging over the past month. I profusely apologize. It definitely is a bigger time commitment than I ever imagined.

BUT, I'm getting my butt (hah) in gear, and we're doing this thing, together. I want to start writing about recommendations because I've lived in SF for 24 years so I definitely know a few places here and there. Plus, people ask me all the time where to go to get/do [insert need/desire here]. So here we are.

This edition of Julia Recommends is ... (drumroll please) ... my nail salon! I usually just go for a pink/nude/grey color, but this week I was feeling extra saucy so I got this adorable (schizophrenic?) mixed canvas kind of deal. Take a look for yourself (and notice that pretty much anything I hold, ever, has to do with boba tea, obvs):

I've been to quite a few nail salons in the city, and Sophia's Beauty Lounge is definitely the best. This is the only place that consistently gets the correct nail shape that I want, and where my gel mani doesn't chip.


The location is easy to get to (not far from 24th Street BART), the space is relaxing, the women who work there are super sweet, and there's always a chick flick going on TV (what a great excuse to waste an hour watching Clueless for the 100th time!). When you first walk in, they put a hot or cold compress around your neck and offer tea or water. Their massages area strong and amazing.


They book up pretty quickly, so if you want a weekend spot, definitely schedule a few days to a week ahead. They're also a bit pricier than some other places ($40 for a gel mani), but honestly, it lasts 3-4 weeks so you're paying for quality.

Also, you'll likely meet Sophia (the owner) and she is the sweetest person ever! Tell her Julia sent you ;)


Sophia's Beauty Lounge

3420 Cesar Chavez Street, San Francisco

(415) 285-9777

Open Monday-Saturday 10:30am-7pm

Julia O Test is a lifestyle blogger and photographer based in Los Angeles.