Workout crop tops: why I wear them and you should too

Workout crop tops: why I wear them and you should too

A few months ago I noticed an interesting thing - only bloggers wear crop tops to work out. If you go to a sponsored blogger workout class, 95%+ of the girls there will be wearing a crop top, but in a normal fitness class, there may be one or two people max. "Normal" people always cover up. Why is that?

!!! Self-confidence !!!

That's what it comes down to. Self-confidence. Not giving a f*** about what others think about your body. Radical self-acceptance. These are all things I wished I had my whole life, but didn't actually achieve until I began blogging. 

Bloggers get put down and made fun of by people who aren't in the industry. We're considered fake and dumb, treated as if our job isn't real work or real money. But actually, it's a female-dominated field offering an amazing opportunity for anyone to own their own business, to be their own boss, to gain an empowering community. It's an opportunity that didn't exist on this scale until the recent rise of social media, and it's an opportunity I think everyone should take, because...

Blogging forces you to accept who you are, quickly. Every day, you are showing who you are to other people - via photos, writing, and stories. And if you do it authentically, you end up quickly learning about yourself and gaining self confidence, the likes of which I've never seen in women anywhere else.

So buy yourself a cute workout set (one of my personal faves is Outdoor Voices) with a crop top, and don't cover it up with a shirt. It honestly doesn't matter what size you are or where you are in your fitness journey - just go on Instagram and you'll see bloggers of all shapes and sizes. They all wear crop tops, and so can you! 

Wear a crop top as a resistance to this society that says we should look a certain way. Wear a crop top because your body functions every day and that's magical and incredibly powerful. Wear a crop top because you feel insecure today. Wear a crop top because you are honestly more beautiful than you know. 

And if you ever want a crop top friend, hmu and we can do it together <3

xx julia o test

In the photo: beauties Hande @handemirel + Carlie @californiacarlie at my 2nd home, MNT Studio

Julia O Test is a lifestyle blogger and photographer based in Los Angeles.